Emrullah TANA

Turkey - Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel

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To create cultural respect, our hotel is dominated by 'hip' style, where modern and traditional motifs are used together. We pay more attention to our meals and hotel design to reflect the Turkish culture to our guests, who usually come from abroad, in the best way. In our hotel, handmade Chinese porcelains from the 1900s and original copies of the sultan's decrees preserved in the State Archives are exhibited. To create environmental awareness, we try to raise awareness of our guests and employees in the use of paper. To reduce this consumption, especially in bathrooms, we warn people about how each paper harms the trees. We organize tree planting activities with our staff. We attach great importance to the use of organic products from our own farm in the meals provided in our hotel and breakfast. We are against wasting food in our hotel, including the staff cafeteria. As a precaution, we share our meals with the animal shelter. We are aware that sprays are enemies of nature. As we are against, we use nat
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Keeping our ecological footprint to a minimum is one of our primary goals.
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We are a hotel that pays more attention to the environmental issue in the hotel and tourism sector in a large and metropolitan city like Istanbul.
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CSR project about the environment.
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