Rules & Regulations

TIES being non-profit organization since 1990, provides no reward in Exchange of monetary funds. TIES serves the global community in the field of Ecotourism and provides advisory sustainable business practices. With 30 years of experience accumulated, TIES will now be rewarding Ecotourism Professionals with remarkable achievements.

Anyone devoted to this cause and Show effort to protect the mother Earth is eligible to enter the contests with an approval of TIES Executive Committee.

Nominations to be considered will be able take part, in Exchange of a non-refundable symbolical registration fee determined.

All nominees to fill out true and factual information in full on the form provided.

Misinformation and falsified data as to non-authentic documentation, outsourced images, videos and such will cause an immediate disqualification as all the input needs to be supported by an addendum.

We take serious preventive measures for the involvement of internet robots and artificial bodies that are not the actual owner of information to be placed on the form.

Nominees that are placed without prior consent also subject to elimination when detected.

Final 20 of each category nominees to continue for contest with the rest being taken off for the remaining 60 days of selection.

Final 10 of each category nominees to continue for the competition with the rest being taken off for the remaining 30 days of selection.

Each unofficial category winners by vote will attend to the show with an advantage 50% and will be subject to Jury’s Final Decision for an official announcement.

Each of these finalists to have a chance to present themselves as to why they should be the winner before the Jury for the duration of 5 minutes, maximum.

TIES Executive Board will be determining the Jury Members and announce before the Show whom are true authorities and worthwhile the society’s 30 years of experience.

Anyone not complying with this voting process and not acting appropriate during the presentation or non- compliance with rules and regulations to include time limits set, to be removed from the contest immediately.

Please keep in mind that TIES, supporting the Ecotourism Society through the years, organize this exclusive event with fair approach for any candidate. We wish you all the best of success in this competition and in your business activities in Ecotourism industry.