Gabriele Nowak

Kenya - Community Wildlife Fund

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Since when you are in travel industry?
Staff/Volunteer Numbers Employed for the Project
What are the Activities Performed by You in Ecotourism Field?
Food donations to 1400 families residing next to the national reserves and more than 6 tonnes of food donated to Rangers and anti-poaching rangers. Simultaneously the fund invested into sensitising communities that live near protected areas on the importance of conservation of wildlife through Jeanie’s Bush Cinema, showcasing Wildlife documentaries of these parks and reserves. Human wildlife conflict is a major point of discussion and how to mitigate it. Informative Wildlife Clips were created on YouTube Channel and translated in Kiswahili and Maa and in addition 10 safari guides were trained in videography and photography. This not only enabled them to acquire a new skill set but also created a job opportunity in a highly fragile time. As a pilot project, CWF supported one community in Samburu by donating a tablet, equipped with short educational videos about wildlife in Maa Language and the official KCPE e-learning syllabus for various age groups. The community organised for a teacher and learning resumed. We took children residing next to the national reserves on educational game drives that they would never have a chance to do otherwise. Park and village clean ups were also organized by our team and youth / children involved. We have supported Action For Cheetah by covering their Scat Dog veterinary bill for a month and additionally supplied dog food for 5 months. We installed one Anti Predator Light in a boma to deter human wildlife conflict.
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
The protection of our National Parks / Game Reserves, our wildlife and biodiversity is essential for its long term future and survival. Without our Parks, Wildlife and Biodiversity, there will be no Safari Tourism which is the number one income earner for Kenya and also creates approximately 5 Million jobs directly and indirectly. Education is therefore KEY on wildlife, mitigation of human wildlife conflict and also direct creation of jobs to alleviate poverty. This in turn will also curb game meat poaching and bush meat trade which is currently on the rise.
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The creation of our Bush Cinemas (screening of wildlife documentaries and short video narrations on wildlife and biodiversity in vernacular language) and showcasing to local communities in residing next to the national reserves, especially the youth. The Bush Cinemas can be both educational and emotionally powerful and we hope to raise positive awareness of the wildlife and help to mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict. We have further created a documentary, THE UNFATHOMABLE VIRUS, on the importance of Tourism for the survival of communities surrounding reserves and the survival of our National Parks/ Reserves.
Do You Have any Humanitarian Project that Took Place
Food donations to local communities surrounding Game Reserves and Parks - 1,400 families in different parts of Kenya have received these. In addition to Covid education and provision of soap, water containers for handwashing.
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Creation of CWF and its objectives especially in terms of education on importance of wildlife & the creativity of tribal wildlife films and bush cinemas
Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
Because education / creating awareness is KEY to making a change and because CWF is not a short term Covid measure but a long term commitment
Future Projects for Ecotourism
Creating itineraries that include local communities and activities they can benefit from. Raising awareness on Human Wildlife Conflict and mitigation measures. Creating more documentaries on the problems pertaining wildlife / humans and the survival of both. A possible convincing of the Kenyan Government to introduce a subject in the school curriculum that is Wildlife Related.
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