Kubilay Tolga ERGÜN

Turkey - Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality / BAÇEM

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Since when you are in travel industry?
Number of Employment of Indigenous in your Farm/Village
How many units available within the Venue
Organic/Ecological Products, crops produced on premises
Medicinal aromatic plants, seeds and ornamental plants that are needed and ecologically suitable for production in Balıkesir are produced in greenhouses.
Produce Seed Re-generation
Please list varieties
In the laboratory, pilot scale production models for the industry are realized by conducting R&D studies for natural cosmetics, food and herbal medicines.
Tools and utilities used within the Farm/Village
Medicinal and aromatic plants garden, medicinal aromatic plants laboratory, biotechnology laboratory, production greenhouses, training and conference hall, library, natural fertilizer, soil preparation and compost field, natural products sales point, herbarium and local seed unit, distillation unit
What are the Activities Performed by You in Ecotourism Field?
Greenhouse cultivation suitable for plant diversity in the area, growing medicinal and aromatic plants and growing ornamental plants needed for recreation areas
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
In addition to providing financial support and job opportunities to farmers through training activities, the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity are conveyed to people of all ages as a result of training on plant culture.
Is the Activity Funded/ Supported?
Have You Been Involved in Social Responsibility Projects Before?
Add the Field of Expertise that You Want to be Nominated For
Medicinal and aromatic plants, seeds and ornamental plants, herbarium and local seed products, distillation process
Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
Balıkesir Farmer Training Center (BAÇEM), affiliated to Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, provides job opportunities for farmers through training activities, as well as R&D studies on seed and seed cultivation. With our application, we intend to announce the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity and new job opportunities, thanks to the trainings given to people of all ages about plant culture.
Future Projects for Ecotourism
BAÇEM aims to develop different and innovative products in the field of medicinal aromatic plants, as well as in distillation unit, herbarium and seed unit.
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