Claudio Gnessi

Italy - Ecomuseo Casilino ad Duas Lauros

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Museum Content in Relation with Ecotourism
The Casilino Ecomuseum is a territory on the eastern outskirts of Rome that is extremely significant from a landscape and environmental point of view, because it preserves the memory of the ancient Roman countryside, is crossed by ancient underground rivers, is dense with renaturalized areas, and is home to the the only natural lake in the city of Rome. In addition to this, the territory has an enormous archaeological heritage from the age of Imperial Rome, such as the Mausoleum of Sant'Elena, the Archaeological Park of Centocelle, the Villa dei Gordiani, the Alexandrian Aqueduct, the Underground Basilica, Porta Maggiore, the Catacombs. dei Santi Marcellino e Pietro and the historical paths of four Roman consular roads (Casilina, Prenestina, Tuscolana and Collatina). The historical heritage linked to the first and above all to the second world war is very rich. The area, in fact, was the heart of the partisan resistance to Nazi-fascism and, not surprisingly, the allies entered Rome from this part of the city. The intercultural heritage (traditions, mother tongues, religions, food) practiced by the Italian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Pakistani, Peruvian, Filipino communities etc. is very rich, which makes this territory unique throughout Rome. Finally, it is a real open-air museum of Street Art with over 120 works of art created by artists of international level.
What are the Activities Performed by Museum Administration in Ecotourism Field??
Our institution works for the enhancement and protection of the cultural and environmental heritage of the ecomuseum territory. We practice our business involving communities and therefore also playing a role of awareness and education. We carry out guided tours, restoration of monuments, participatory mapping of heritage, conservation actions of ecosystems and urban reforestation, workshops with schools, publications of books and scientific research, seminars, conferences and training.
The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
Protection and valorization of natural landscapes, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage
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Ours is a project born from the struggle against the destruction of a natural and cultural heritage, and against the idea that Rome was only its center, while the periphery was a place without interest and without needs. In these ten years of activity we have transformed the perception of an area inhabited by 180,000 people, making it a place interested in ethical and sustainable tourism. Thus creating a healthy, clean and long-lasting economy. We did it with voluntary, non-profit work and above all guided by the idea of making our territory a better place for our children.
Future Projects for Ecotourism
We want to create a museum of the migrations of the territory, creating a gallery of Street Art works that tell this phenomenon. We want to strengthen the network of eco-museums in our region, to create a coordination of eco tourism projects. We want to create a school for the territory to teach people to be eco-tourist guides, so that everyone can participate in the enhancement and protection of the territory.
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