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Landscape and nature photography is my forte as I love our 'Pale Blue Dot' and care for it! I have travelled to more than 22 countries and have captured the essence of their culture and environment through my lens.
The Benefit Contribution of the Images/Shots Taken to the World
Photography is the best visual medium to show the beauty of mother Earth and also the devastation of it by humans.
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I am a poet, a photographer and a filmmaker who strongly believe in the combined power of words and visuals. They can actually bring a positive change in people's mindset towards our ecosystem. I also work for a couple of charitable organisations in Bahrain and leave no chance to contribute to the betterment of our society and environment under these umbrellas too. It has been my effort to show to the world the hidden and rare gems all around the globe. I have visited countries like Iceland, Norway and Holland and impressed by their concern and thoughtfulness about issues like global warming and plastic. The world has to know this and learn. It has been my humble attempt to share their healthy lifestyle and surroundings through pictures on social media.
Future Projects for Eco-photography
"We only have one home. There is no planet B" . I will continue to use the power of pen and lens to inspire my readers and viewers. I intend to make eye opening short films with strong and educational message about the threats to the ecology.
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