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Since when you are in travel industry?
Staff Numbers Employed in the Itinerary
What is the Most Remarkable Entity of the Itinerary in these Ecotours such as Attractions and Entertainment Options
Black forests Savsat(Artvin-Turkey), Easternmost Black Sea Macahel Valley, The highest waterfall of Turkey – Maral, Hiking in the temperate rainforest, A unique experience of a highland house accommodation: Lekoban
What kind of facilities the Itinerary includes such as Accommodation Venues and/or Food Beverage Places visited
Accommadotion: Wooden Bungalows, traditional village and highland houses Food: Local cuisine in villages and highlands
What are the Activities Performed by You in these Eco-focused Tours?
Hiking, Trekking, Chees and butter making, Milking, Honey extraction, picking hazelnuts, strawberry and raspberry.
The Benefit Contribution of the Program to the World
This program helps to sustain the unique Black Sea region culture and makes it visible and reachable for other people
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Why Should You be Considered for the Award?
Ecotourism is not the first choice of people in Turkey. We also work for make this kind of tourism more common and more known. Our goal has never been earning lots of money. This is our lifestyle and we will work for ecotourism for the rest of our lives. We know the right way of tourism is ecotourism and our principles will always be more important than earning money.
Future Projects for Ecotravellers
We want to make ecotourism itself more sustainable and more common in Turkey. And the biggest need about this new ecotourism guides in Turkey. We are planning to work with Ministry of Culture and Tourism to train young people about ecotourism.
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