José Augusto Rodrigues Alves

Portugal - Barrocal Park - Castelo Branco

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The Benefit Contribution of the Activity to the World
Barrocal Project is an example of a new concept of leisure park in urban areas where Nature regeneration is fostered, highlighted and provided to the visitors. The park and the landscape that can be appreciated from it is used in the guided tours to discuss about climate changes in the past and climate change resilience
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Barrocal Park
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We believe Barrocal Park is a successful example of Nature protection and regeneration close to the city centre. It is a new approach to leisure parks in urban areas where native flora and fauna are highlighted in a space of environmental education where youngsters as well as their parents and seniors can enjoy their time in a healthy environment and learn about the need to protect natural ecosystems. Nature more accessible, closer to the urban citizens, so they can care about protection of natural environments for a sustainable use of natural resources. Barrocal Park is a hub for environmental projects in the city of Castelo Branco
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