Jeffrey Kwesi Opare

Ghana - “Me Ghana” 🇬🇭

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Since when you are in travel industry?
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Are You a Professional Phographer or doing it as a Hobby
What are the Photography/video-making Performed by You in Ecotourism Field?
Images of people enjoying nature, hiking, exploring and capturing other living things
The Benefit Contribution of the Images/Shots Taken to the World
Showing the world how we need to cherish and preserve our natural environment.
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Have You Been Involved in Social Responsibility Projects Before?
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Growing up as a kid, I always loved and found natural environs interesting and also that which gave me so much Joy. All grown now and i still find it overwhelming how i feel at peace by nature. Humans can only survive while we keep our Ecological system alive. As i photographer, I am committed to make the world see the Usefulness of our Ecosytem. I should be evaluated because I'm using images i capture to impact Africans and the world at large while creating an unforgettable experience for the Tourist, stakeholder and locals.
Future Projects for Eco-photography
Create experience that benefits everyone equally, which comes with giving local people a living wage while helping them preserve their communities.
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